Review: Sister Sledge – He’s The Greatest Dancer (Rhythm Scholar Funkdrop Remix)


Just yesterday I was asking someone if they had any new disco sounds that I could fill my senses with, sadly to no avail. So when this remix of one of the all-time greatest disco bangers arrived in my inbox out of the blue this morning it felt as though the sweet Lord Funk had heard my prayers and delivered me exactly what I was seeking.

Admittedly the first minute or so of popping this track into the old noggin was spent going 'come on, bring on the funk' but when it came it went down as smoothly as a finely-blended strawberry milkshake. There's all the soul kept intact from the original and it's been given a big ol' modernising with all manner of new sounds adorning the '70s classic. 

Oh how those funky guitars and killer basslines make even the greyest of days feel like it's the heart of summer, no other music can ever bring a room to such a positive place as disco can – it truly is the most uplifting genre of them all and, while this remix isn't perfect, it definitely still brings the good times.

I'll never be the greatest dancer but you'll have to do a damn good job to stop me from digging out my flares and Dad-dancing the night away as if my life depended on it.