Review: Gatos Negros – Deus Ex Machina


Madrid is a Rotten City. That’s how Álvaro Cabana and Juliana Leyva (owners of this new label) feel. A city which is struggling to maintain any nightlife and musical momentum, with theatres, cinemas and clubs feeling the wrath of local government and taxation and rinsed by profiteering, shitehawk promoters.

In protest against this and with love for their city, the Madrilians are creating a cabal of local and international artists. First up on limited edition vinyl is Tronik Youth’s “Malice Of Absence”, with mixes from Red Axes and Richard Sen. Future releases come from Timothy J. Fairplay, Jamie Paton and VoX LoW amongst other insurgents.

In the sofa land of “1”s and “0”s there is the digital sibling Rotten City Files. Debut release is from Gatos Negros, whose “Deus Ex Machina” EP wears flares like they will do in This Is England ’90 no doubt.

Slow, loaded and baggy with live bass and echo guitar and vox, remixes come from Croatian producer Squarewave and the fresh and promising Spanish guy JackWasFaster. 

The Sound Of Affleck’s.