12” 80s New Wave/Chilled


What better way to celebrate the brilliant music of the 1980s than to release 2 different compilations of some of the finest New Wave and Chilled sounds of the decade? Full of extended remixes, remastered versions and all sorts of magnificent new takes on old classics, there are some absolutely belting tracks spread out across both collections and they've been sweet music to my ears since the second they came into my life.

As someone born in 1992, I'm often made fun of in the office for my love of 80s music as it was 'before my time'. Frankly, on the inside I'm nothing if not a grumpy old man and, as soothsayers, delusional aunties and utter liars say, 'you're only as old as you feel'. Despite the lack of any Men At Work offerings, I was thrilled to receive 6 CDs of cracking 80s sounds that I can take with me anywhere and rise above any childish mockery of my adoration for a time that outdates me entirely.

It's far too hard to give a run through of every single song across both collections so I'm going to have to focus on some of my personal highlights – otherwise I'd be here for days writing essays about the tiniest of details such as the sound of a hi-hat or how Debbie Harry is undoubtedly the greatest female lead singer in rock history. In my opinion, of course. Actually, Blondie seems like a good place to start as it's always great to hear a bit of Call Me.

What's great about both of these selections is that you're not just listening back to old classics, there are plenty of cracking remixes, alternative mixes and the like floating around – meaning that this isn't merely a trip down memory lane, it's a chance to hear some cult classics remained which will surely evoke new memories. Hearing Boy George singing from back in his prime helped make me realise just how far he'd fallen out of tune when performing on Strictly recently. Not that I watch it, of course.

There are just so many things to get excited about – whilst my preference is undoubtedly for the New Wave selection, the 'Chilled' triple-disc package is full of beautiful sounds including the US Dub version of Shout by Tears For Fears. Oh god, there's A-ha as well – and it isn't just Take On Me, this IS a proper collection! So many names are floating around in my head, getting me all excited and bringing a much needed smile to my face. It's like stepping into a time vortex without the risk of the butterfly effect.

What a ruddy good selection of tunes, it's far too easy to let the day pass you by once you stick on a pair of headphones and close your eyes. Pure bliss.

'12”/80s New Wave' & '12”/80s Chilled' are out now.