Video Premiere: Uptight – Upright Natives


An exclusive video by Alex Morris in accompaniment of a new piece of music by Upright Natives. The duo made up of Ex-Friendly and J-Ven also called on the strings of Gillian Wood to assist with what is an ethereal melancholy dream. Read more below: 

"On a bleak New Year’s Day with the shadows of a long night out in London draped heavily on their backs, our heroes sat down and made this lovely piece of electronic melancholia in a single session. Heartbreak and comedown in close proximity. With the ebb and flow of filtered analogue synths and a raw unwashed vocal turn by Ex-Friendly, this is a bedroom groove that will give you the strength to go to the bathroom. 

Later on, some really quite special strings were added by Gillian Wood (Ninja Tune etc), and the final piece, a video of subtle brilliance created by their old friend, musician and visual dynamo Alex Morris (Candidate, Grampian Horn, The Framley Examiner). 

Ex-Friendly and J-Ven have been best mates and musical collaborators since forever. Both served in punk-disco hybrid Idiot Joy and dirty funk outfit Junkateer as well as co-running deep house imprints ‘Rubberneck Records’ and ‘People Are Looking At You’. Separately, they have had a fair amount of records released over the years. As half of deep house duo Jonno & Tommo, J-Ven has had releases on Ornate Records, Trelik, People Are Looking At You and Slow Town Records. He also works under the alias Table Man and is a member of Cowboy Flying Saucer. Ex-Friendly has had releases on Midnight Riot, ISM, Deep Explorer, Hot Digits and People Are Looking At You. He is also half of international music and culture curators, Truth & Lies Music. 

Many thanks to Will Troup and Ransom Note for the video premiere!"

Watch below:

 releases December 1, 2017

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