Video Premiere: The White Screen – Hamem Oti


The candles burned long, and the sinister smoke obscured our religious beliefs. As the water rose and the lust became fiery, we had dark intentions for the night. We gathered our thoughts as we preened our feathers, and we strode out into the alley with more than just a party to fight.

The White Screen, the Israeli kings of zombie/trash/glam & rock n roll, are "re-inventing sex and lust in music". Cousins Gabriel and Gilbert Broid are "extra wild performers", and their shows are already getting an immediate cult status, having a close following of believers coming to every show, and dressing weird and wild as they are, looking almost like a cult of white. The debut album was produced by the cousins plus help of local producers such as Red Axes, Ryskinder and Ram Orion. Their lyrics are very political and criticise the whole system and leadership in Israel. Not very politically correct.

The album is out NOW

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