Video Premiere: Leo Abrahams – Halo Effect


There aren't many guitars that make it back the heavily guarded doors of R$N Towers, though it seems as those the blokes on guard duty this week have been a tad slack in their responsibilities. That being said, there aren't many guitar-fuelled sounds that tingle our ears in such a delightful way as the latest sounds from Leo Abrahams.

As these sounds have been reverberating around our great corridors for the last couple of weeks we couldn't quite resist the opportunity to be the first to feast our eyes upon the visual accompaniment for 'Halo Effect' and, after a bit of a lie down, we've decided to share it with you because we're sure you're going to want to give it plenty of spins.

Warning, this video is full of more colours than Benetton and they're coming at you thick and fast. You have been warned;

Halo Effect is out now via Lo Recordings.