Video Premiere: Josh Cohen – Microgravity

josh cohen – microgravity

Fragile Aphex, Avril 14th-esque piano beauty from Australian artist Josh Cohen set amid visual wonder.

We’re premiering Josh Cohen’s latest music video, “Microgravity,” which weaves together individual clips exploring a common theme of micro and macro perspectives with a unifying thread, showcasing the “nuances of Cohen’s performance with heartfelt expressions and vulnerability.” Sweeping landscapes, emphasise the grandeur of nature which invites viewers to reflect on their place in this vast tapestry of existence.


Josh Cohen is an Australian composer and pianist and on Microgravity his fragile piano reminds of Avril 14th era Aphex twin.
His debut album “Weird Time Signature,” is out now through new label DNTWIG. Cohen’s sound is influenced by his classical and jazz training, but it is the “combination of space, simplicity, and intense emotion”.

Radiohea approved songbooks featuring Cohen’s unique arrangements are out now on Faber Music.