Video Premiere: James Hadfield Feat Danny Linton – Soak


The Chemicals had kicked in my brother. Things rushed past and faster, and like a star I kept my eye on everything ahead. Someone had to do it, whether it should be me is another question. I let the guitars take hold, the rhythms trickle into my veins, and my head keep looking upwards, or further down this river…

It might be considered vain to call your new label Me Me Me. I don't think so though, when you are actually shouting more about you, you, YOU. Others are what make a decent family, and with Man Power's latest shout on his imprint he has picked another Northern lovemonkey. James Hadfield is half Lizard but fully himself, and he shines here on this label debut. It's the slight nuances towards the end that really give this track some belting quality. The Afro-tinged proggy houser gives itself a well earned sit down, and the lil' riddims judder and jiggle with each other before the main theme comes back and says hello, just a little more softly. 

Out now and to buy HERE. Video credits:  Ivette Iruegas and Ricardo Barrera.

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