Video Premiere: Housewives – Fig.1


So, this had originally been going to appear on the Ransom Note site early this morning, however, upon a rather intense viewing of the latest video from post punk experimentalists Housewives we decided it might be best to let you settle into the day first. The music is drone esque, heavy on field recordings and feedback. The group have been praised by This Heat drummer, Charles Hayward, who describes the group's sound as "a sort of monochromatic surliness, slowly warming up to a barely controlled anger, hypnotic and building from the simplest elements." This video is bright, distorted, eerie, ominous and flashing. Any viewers with epeleptic tendencies this one is not for you, it threw our heads a little in the office this morning. It's meaning remains a mystery. Discover for yourself below: 

Housewives are on Bandcamp HERE.