Video Premiere: Bergsonist – Heat


For a long time there was a bitter warmth to the dense black desert. The star kissed sky was beautiful and haunted at the same time, it were as if there were tiny pearls hung against the distant backdrop millions of miles away. Who knew what was real and what was not? Not those people caught amidst the bitter dunes. In the morning the burning sun would rise and they would look out upon a fresh dawn in which everything was entirely the same.. This was heat. Radiant, warped and burnt. Heat. 

Bergsonist is set to release a new EP on Optimo Music, The New York based musician and artist holds a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons The New School for Design and is founder of the music platform: Bizaarbazaar. She gets abstract on a new EP which follows appearances om Borft Records, Where To Now? and Styles Upon Styles. 

We are delighted to premiere a video for the track titled "Heat" from the new EP as things get very weird indeed.

Direction, video synth: Bergsonist
Camera, Dve: Greg Zifcak

See below: