Video Premiere: /Ambiance – Camino Al Parke


The wound up toys, game show mementoes and inanimate objects took control of the magic boxes while their owner rested. Quietly working, they hard wired with intention until, just like themselves, the plastic machines began to sing and dance in the dark of secrecy. 

Mexican electronic label Duro brings a new five tracker, this time from the mysterious Nicaraguan /AMBIANCE. Growing up in Miami, he was surrounded by Cuban music, booty bass, then developed a love of electro. He has now moved on to a purely analogue, live and cassette recorded new project, inspired by soundtracks, films, drum machines, synthesizers and "life's transformative events". Opening track on his first volume is ‘Camino al Parke’, five minutes of scattered toms and warm fuzzy atmospheres, rasping synth stabs and little else until some funky kicks and curious melodies help the whole thing come alive in the second half.

/AMBIANCE Vol.1 is out now on Duro.

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