Round Up: 22.07.16


PREMIERE: Dimitri Veimar – Time

Time was of the essence, more so now than ever. The waterfall roared as the leaves blew in the rising wind. The storm was only going to get worse from here on in and they had to escape. They were running out of time, what had been a pleasant adventure had become a perilous affair and if they weren't careful this trip may well be their last. Time was everything now. 

Dimitri Veimar is the latest producer to release music as part of the Omnidisc Swim Series. He steps up to deliver four tracks with a dancefloor orientation. Listen to 'Time' below: 

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PREMIERE: Tronik Youth – Never Said, I Never Said (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)

I really just don't understand why you are being so argumentative about all of this? We were just having a laugh weren't we? Yes, I admit I may have had too many drinks and I know that you have always said that when it gets like that you feel you can't trust me. But on this occasion you are totally out of order. Sometimes you have to have a little more trust in me, and not just your friends. I know they were next to me and him at the bar, but they certainly misheard the conversation, the music was loud and then they assumed a situation. I promise you, I never said that. Never said it.

Mister Nein Tronik Youth puts his proteges to one side and steps up and delivers a cavernous slow motion head wobbler, on this occasion ably abetted by a Cabaret Nocturne remix. With a glimpse into his new Berlin dark parishes, the insistent and naggy drugger twists about like a man possessed. Dark and metallic, get some smoke relief here.

Tronik Youth – Death Rattle is out on Nein Records on 22nd July 2016. Get it HERE.

PREMIERE: Luke Solomon – Script feat. Nick Maurer (Byron The Aquarius Remix)

Stick to the script man, damnit. For months now the plan had been in motion, today was the day they would rob the bank and rule the world. As long as everyone stuck to their role, to the script, they would be rich within the hour. He could already taste the sweet smell of success and feel the paper crisp and plentiful between his fingers. Today was his day, he was the lead, the script was his to own, damnit. 

Luke Solomon returns with a bangin' new EP for Cuttin' Headz. However, Byron The Aquarius from Atlanta quite arguably steals the glory on this one with a club driven, moody remix. Listen below:

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PREMIERE: Ponty Mython – How To Get Your Life Together And Succeed

Self help, the ultimate guide to success. How many times have you read that right? People, seem to continue to deliver all sorts of far fetched theories about how to get your life together and succeed. Nobody actually knows right? Do your own thing, do the damn dance, then you might just succeed.

Ponty Mython has delivered a six track release for Dirt Crew Recordings following his recent contributions to Delusions of Grandeur and Swedish Brandy. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Ron Basejam – Time

Time was of the essence to all who knew, the drought could be punishing for so many who lived in the plains. A crushing thirst was the point break of many a man. The trees blew in the breeze as he looked out upon the sprawling fields. They lay dry, empty and bare: a golden brown mist blowing between the straw. It had not rained in weeks. 

Ron Basejam returns to release on Futureboogie as he delivers two tracks as part of 'The Carrington Spirituals' EP. Dancefloor orientated, club driven tracks. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Keita Sano – Varna

On the Bulgarian coastline sits a sun kissed destination of dream fueled imagination and tranquility. Varna, it was called, but they had never seen nor heard of anyone to return from such a place. This land was hypnotic, beautiful and enchanted by the tides of the black sea. Washed up upon the shores, lay the dreams of hopeful wanderers, hopeful victors, and friends. The would burn in the Bulgarian sunlight, Varna had them now. 

Keita Sano is arguably one of the most interesting producers making music at present. His diverse approach to club music sees him defy the limits of genre as he blends experimental concepts alongside bizarre hardware and club driven drums. He returns to Spring Theory for his latest release. Listen to'Varna' below: 

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PREMIERE: Sinchi Music – Being Of Silence (Heretic Remix)

The silent being is one to be watched, one to be observed, one to be admired. There was little to note of relevance and importance in his day to day. He slipped under the radar one too many times and now they would be required to pay the ultimate sacrifice. His penalty would cost them dearly and their punishment would be fitting of their crime. Silence no more, a being of silence no more…

Sinchi Music receives the remix treatment from Heretic on the latest Night Noise Music release. Six minutes of rough and ready, pads, acid drifts and glitch. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: A Fine Tuning Creation – Pentatonik Variation 2

The defining characteristics of a difference in detail can be ever so slim. Pentatonik variation would be the only giveaway found within the composition. It was all in the detail, he had constructed it to be so. Hours of neverending intricacy and practise had been spent slaving away upon this great project, a feat not many could have said to of accomplished. 

A Fine Tuning Creation is a moniker of Aryo Adhianto. His musical background is based upon jazz, pop, experimental elements and dance and this has  since been expressed through his talent on a keyboard. Double Deer records are set to release the record in the coming months. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Marlon Hoffstadt – Coach Mike (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)

The court looked so peaceful beneath the gaze of the floodlights. All that could be heard was the the thud, thud, thud of a ball on concrete and the metallic rattle of the chain netting which hung above. He would spend hours there at night, lost beneath the stars and the orange glow, just him and the ball. This was what coach mike had instructed him to do, to practise, to train, to perservere, to play. He wouldn't rest until he perfected the routine, it was all in the detail. That was what coach mike had said…

Up next on Retrograde records is the label's own founder Marlon Hoffstadt. He is remixed by the ever inventive and melodically inspired Massimiliano Pagliara. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Cardopusher – Fading Memory

Those times had always weighed such import and significance with the gang. The pleasures that had been served and deserved, every morsel of musical mischief consumed heartily, along with all the accompaniments available. What a few years they had been! It had taken dedication of course and the transient rewards that were readily received made that hard work worthwhile. Now though, it seems so far away, as if nearing the horizon, until the tapes from that past were enticed from the scratched plastic cases, each annotated with the inky scribblings of the spells from back when.

Barcelona based Classicworks return with a new cassette compilation of psychedelic synthesis from collaborators around the world sharing their interest in tough, classically crafted cuts. Here Luis Garban AKA Cardopusher adds his take, with this techno body slammer. Machine driven drums and sequenced synth patterns that flit in and out of sync, adding to the overall chaotic sense which just about reigns in the aural madness. Just.


Various Artists – Common Denominator is released by Classicworks on very limited cassette on 29th July 2016 and will be available HERE. Digital versions can be found HERE.

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