Premiere: Wolfstream – Precious Bodily Fluids (With Duncan Gray)


With just the smallest and precise incision, the wound was made. As teeth were gritted and fists clenched taught, the 'operation' began. The black red liquid was drained through clear and twisted rubber, as the 'patient' watched through cracked eyes. He muffled his pain as not to appease this doctor of war. Drip, drip, drip, it slowly collected beside the man in a filthy surgical jar and he viewed his life draining so pictorially.

Wolfstream was made in wintry St. Petersburg and absorbed the "cold of abandoned manufactories and the sound of empty railroad depot". The duo makes hasteless and mesmerising music full of analog synths, percussions and live basslines. On this cut taken from their new four track EP, they collaborate with a certain Mister Gray. Creeping out of the darkness of one of those ghost town monoliths above, it fills up with swirling ethnicity, military snares and sitar styled vibes. Coiled and apprehensive and ticking like a Soviet time bomb, it grows more menacing as you step closer. Beware.

Wolfstream – I Am God EP is released on Mange_Moi on 6th March 2017 and can be found HERE. Follow Wolfstream on Facebook.

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