Premiere: Will Lister – Close Car


It all happened so quickly and without any warning. She couldn’t remember exactly how it had unfolded; all that existed now were flashing lights and whirring sirens that pierced the crisp night air. Through blurred vision she could make out the broken glass that lay scattered across the road, and through the hurried and panicked voices of onlookers she knew the situation was far more grave than she could physically grasp.

Last month London-based producer and DJ Will Lister made his first steps into the label world with the launch of Heald Recordings, a platform that will not be restricted by functionality. Will takes care of the label debut himself, with not just one but a trilogy of releases that together form a 6-track LP. Inspired by organic sounds and metallic textures, and with atmosphere and emotion playing a key role, each instalme nt sees Will explore different sonic landscapes within the context of club sounds.

In place of a physical vinyl, Will has worked with Bristol-based candle company Milkman to create a bespoke mindful alternative — a move that will continue on future releases, with each being accompanied by other physical objects, designed in collaboration with each artist. Alongside the releases, there will also be the opportunity to gain access to the original project files to provide an insight into the production process and encourage people to rework, remix, and reimagine the originals.