Premiere: Weith – Liniste


Dr. Brian B. Waves’ guide to the destruction of heavenly bodies involves seven steps, three of which we’ve laid out below. As for the rest? You’ll have to discover them for yourselves.

1. Observe, analyse, take action and neutralise the external defence systems before infiltration.
2. Dismantle the governance structures and remove all charismatic leaders from positions of power by means of public executions. Expect resistance from the underground, do not let it foment, break it at its core and assume the position of the dominator.
3. Create panic within the resistance’s ranks within the shortest delay possible and ensure a large amount of feedback in order to crush the possibility of a future generation of rebels. The acid triplet motion is a useful technique to achieve this goal. 

Geneva’s Brainwaves crew are launching into 2021 with a release from label mate Weith, who returns to the imprint for the second time following 2019’s Obsidian EP. Following releases for Concrete Collage, Wirebox, and more recently Brokntoys and non-profit label Touched, on the aptly named DOOMSDAY Weith brings seven tracks that touch on different influences, from IDM, electro and acid to breaks, rave and techno.