Premiere: Wav Fuzz – Cold Fresh Air


Early morning or late night. I really couldn't remember, it had been a long and eventful 24 hours. Had she really done that? After all that we had talked about and the plans we had been making. Discussions like that can so easily get out of hand when it's been one of those nights. Closing the door behind me, I needed some space. Some oxygen to clarify what had happened. The streets were ghostly, abandoned even, but the clear twilight skies and the bracing breeze were just what I needed to get things straight in my head.

R$N's Parisian siblings Les Yeux Orange make their debut release on their new label. Portland's Wav Fuzz open the account with this gloriously beautiful, respectful take on early 90s house. Striding calmly and softly from an ambient dream state intro and sprinkles of dubby six-strings into a multi-layered builder, bubbling away with retro female vox samples, confident crashes, heritage drum fills and modulating synth riffs which just take off and fly. A winning start for LYO. Salut!

Wav Fuzz – Cold Fresh Air EP is released by Les Yeux Orange on 30th May 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Visit Les Yeux Orange HERE.

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