Premiere: Warren Raww – Gringos Tropicanas


Straight outta Adelaide and straight off Warren Raww's upcoming EP, 'Ross', coming through your speakers courtesy of Manchester based label, Natural Sciences. We premiere the first track straight off the release, Gringos Tropicana.

With that recognisable, woozy, sound that's been making it's way over from Australia via Raww and others – think Mall Grab, Mic Mills, Francis Inferno Orchestra – 'Ross', as a whole, is an compilation of lo-slung, exotic sounding grooves to get down to.

Gringos Tropicanas spells out non-chalant boogie from the off. Straight in, no fucking about. Listen to this and you'll be moving involuntarily and rapidly transported to Warren Raww's lo-fi tropical ravine.

Listen below, but first, take heed of the Gospel according to Warren Raww himself: "Grab your mates, and let Warren make you feel real hott when you sippin' that Ross which is oh so cold. Trakz strictly for Garden use only".

The official, digital release of Ross is 27th May, with vinyl release to be confirmed. Natural Sciences will host their first label night in London on the 4th of June.



Follow Warren Raww on Facebook HERE. Pre-order Ross from Bandcamp HERE

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