Premiere: Views – Kyoto Love


There was something special about this place, it had a deep perfumed scent and the breeze blew softly amidst the low hanging branches. The trees were in full bloom and lovers walked hand and hand amist old buildings, each gaze fixated on a piece of history which had stood long before their arrival and would remain for a lifetime after. Kyoto was a beautiful world, a distant paradise in which ethereal peace was granted to those who walked amidst the old streets. This was to be their last day in the city, at least for a little while. 

Atilla Fidan is the label boss behind Berlin based imprint Tape Archive, from time to time he releases new music under the guise of Views – a moniker with which we have become fiercely interested. Enchanting pads and delicate layers of texture litter his productions yet his tracks remain as rough and ready for the dancefloor as they do beautiful. Listen to a track from a new EP for Garage Hermétique below: