Premiere: Unloved – When A Woman Is Around (Andrew Weatherall Remix)


There lies two sides to every story, a woman can be both a blessing or a damning curse upon a life. When she is around all can seem logical, pure and peaceful, yet there lies a sinister undertone to the way in which she has charasmatically charmed and cursed your days in such a way. There are moments of great happiness, love, joy and wonder yet they can be turned in the blink of an eye into a stormy whirlwind of loathesome, cold hearted desperation. When a woman is around all can change, all can change. 

David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent make up Unloved. Inspired by film scores, the rebellious mentality of 60's girl groups and beyond, they cast quite a presence. Sexy, sinister and exciting. Here is the Andrew Weatherall remix of 'When a Woman Is Around' which will be available as a red 12" piece of plastic on RSD 2016. Listen below: 

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