Premiere: U.S Useless – Beanz

U.S USELESS – Trust, Loss, Forever-Artwork

Producer Pete McMinn teams up with vocalist John Bryden for a debut LP as U.S Useless.

Time is a funny thing; once upon a time it was slow and everlasting, and now it’s gone in the blink of an eye, lost amidst working weeks and hazy nights. The innocence of childhood kept it at bay, there were no worries or commitments, just freedom to be yourself and enjoy whatever life gave you. But as adolescence came and went this began to fade away, replaced by tasks, expectations and responsibilities – if only we could piece those early memories back together and live life through our younger eyes.


Trust, Loss, Forever is the first long player from U.S Useless, the collaborative project of Hi & Saberhägen member Pete McMinn and Scottish vocalist John Bryden. After spending time digging through his Grandad’s old cassette tapes following his passing back in 2019, McMinn felt inspired to sample parts of the old radio recordings that were on them, and from these he created a collection of moving instrumentals that were then recorded back on to the original tapes. Ripe with hazy nostalgia, the lo-fi, wavy tracks are laced with dreamy guitars and John Bryden’s wistful vocals which perfectly capture McMinn’s tales of fading childhood memories.


Trust, Loss, Forever will be released on 25th August via Pace Yourself.