Premiere: Type 303 – Thousand Pieces (Shun Remix)


There was a jigsaw sprawled dismantled across the floor, the pieces were in parts. A thousand dotted pieces each with a formative place in a story waiting to be built. The empty house was quiet during the summer holidays, board games were all that they had to keep themselves entertained. It was an old haunted mansion, busy with the rush and bubble of spirits and ghosts… It was a magnificent puzzle in itself, yet one which you'd not be inclined to explore. In the middle of the countryside, it was easy to become lost. 

Up next on a label very close to home, Insult To Injury, is an EP from Type 303. A rave inspired release drawing upon elements of hardcore and acid, as banging as ever and as destructive on the dancefloor as they come. Here is a remix from Japanese producer Shun, one to watch, as he reworks the lead track 'Thousand Pieces' into bits. Listen below: