Premiere: Tv Baby – Klerin Priest (Ivan Smagghe Ghetto Beat Mix) [Deus]


'Priest and Klein’s 1984 article, “The Selection of Disputes for Litigation,” famously hypothesised a 'tendency toward 50 percent plaintiff victories” among litigated cases. Despite the article’s enduring influence, its results have never been formally proved, and doubts remain about their meaning, validity, and generality. The Fifty-Percent Bias Hypothesis is true when the parties are very accurate in estimating case outcomes, but only sometimes true when they are less accurate. As shown in Klerman and Lee (2014), the No Inferences Hypothesis is false.'

All of which bears absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the release of TV Baby's Klerin Priest release as Klerin is clearly spelt wrong and invalidates any narrative running through this piece. But it's filled a bit of non-musical space on this page before you immerse your ears in this premiere from TV Baby. Klerin Priest gets the remix treatment from our recent guest editor and now regular column agitator Ivan Smagghe who takes a ghetto beat approach… 

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