Premiere: Toshioki Matsumura – Orange Alert


Gaze fixed firmly on the sky, she lay in the soft grass patiently waiting for the effects to take hold. Moving her fingers through the blades on either side of her, she noticed them dissipate and dissolve between her fingers, as if they were turning into grains of sand. Pulling herself up to sit, her focus moved to the trees around her, which had began to swirl and oscillate, bursting forth in kaleidoscopic shades of red, purple and orange. She got to her feet and gazed at the sky once again, letting the sun wash over her face. It was time to explore…

Following their inaugural release from musician and cinematographer Philip Perkins, Scottish reissue label chOOn!! look to the far east for their second, unearthing the sounds of Tokyo-based composer and producer Toshioki Matsumura. A Visual Brain brings together some of Matsumara's prime selections composed between 1986 – 1993 that showcase his exploration of early music technology, working with computers, synthesizers and samplers. This release gives us a window into his work with video-art collective Visual Brains, founded by Sei Kazama and Hatsune Ohtsu, the two friends and collaborators with whom he wrote scores and soundtracks for. The record is now commercially available for the first time via chOOn!! and Light In The Attic.

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