Premiere: The Kloom – 40 Gram Beton (Khidja Remix)


The weight was difficult to fathom. It made no sense, the collateral damage would be excessive and the result would be one of impending doom. The concrete glimmered grey under the floodlights, they sat perched upon a park bench simply watching the world go by. The pressure of such a decision weighed heavy upon his shoulders but she sat peacefully by his side as though nothing was wrong. Looking out into the distance they watched the flickering glow of the city lights, they seemed a million miles away from them now. Up out here in the distant blocks nothing seemed real, not under the weight. 

Malka Tuti return with a new EP from The Kloom. Remixes are aplenty on this one with the likes of Khidja and Die Wilde Jagd both featuring. Listen to the Khidja remix below:

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