Premiere: The Golden Bug and The Liminanas – Variations Sur 3 Bancs


The village was quaint, the narrow cobbled streets lined with picture postcard houses decorated with colourful flowers. The sun beamed down and flocks of birds chirped in harmony. But there were no voices to be heard. No whispered conversations across the garden fence or kids playing in the front yard. Despite its beauty it felt eerie. Haunting almost. It was too quiet. Were they the only people here?

Kompakt affiliate Jörg Burger returns to the label for his second Velvet Desert Music compilation. In a similar fashion to the first outing he explores an open-minded aesthetic influenced by the interests that have preoccupied his own productions over the last few decades; sweeping tones and melodies, cinèma pour l’oreille (cinema for the ear) and textural abstraction, to name but a few. The compilation features contributions from Jörg as part of The Velvet Circle and Gen Pop, and the likes of Fantastic Twins, Sascha Funke, Michael Mayer and our pick, the psychedelic rhythms and French vocals of The Golden Bug and The Liminanas.