Premiere: Suzanne Kraft – Burn Me Down


The tree sat atop the far away hill amidst a sea of long green grass and reeds. In the distance the child could be seen swinging from one of the tallest branches, heaven knows how he had made it so high. All that could be seen was his shadow against the darkening afternoon sky as he swang to and fro. No ladder would reach as far up as to bring him down. All of a sudden the tree let our a solemn creak, it began to talk and whispered to the crowd which had gathered beneath the swinging child. It spoke…

"Burn me down, bring him home."

Based over the pond Suzanne Kraft has done a very good job of raising his profile in Europe. His sound fits perfectly on labels such as ESP, Melody As Truth, Running Back and now Kitjen. This latest effort sees him amp things up a tad as he releases three dance floor targeted tracks on the 'DJ Safety' EP. Listen below:

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