Premiere: Sutja Gutierrez – Ubi Sunt


Where are the secret sands that once clung tight to our bare soles, the grains of history that connected that extraordinary Sunday? We knew the clock would tick and tock and the shadows strengthen their claim on our laughter. Giddily we ignored this prescience, and launched ourselves like whittled spears into the saline aqua fifty feet below our love.

Rotten City Records have delivered a further collection of acid askew and indie increíble. Label head Alvaro has collared our favourite metaphysical collaborator Sutja for this transcendental maraca and cabasa enlightenment. Layers of live and long guitars and bass join the celebrations in this joyous and hallucinatory presentation. Do not drop out.

Sutja Gutiérrez – Ubi Sunt is taken from Rotten Citizens Vol.II which is out 19th September 2016 and can be found HERE.

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