Premiere: Sunrom – Shaman Echoes (Tuff City Kids Eau De Remix)


There was a coarse wind which cast a bitter spell across the morning. It was a sunny day but a fierce chill was present and upon the breeze, it carried a sweet sound of a cry from far, far away. These were Shaman echoes, a distant noise from across the ocean which had travelled softly upon the glow of the morning. It was eerie yet enchanting at the same time, beautiful yet hollow and haunting. These chants were supposed to guard and protect, to bring peace and fend off terrible spirits. To the naked ear they were whispers of evil but the naked ear was wrong. 

Sunrom is remixed on a new EP for Ancient Future Now, the latest instalment in a series of remix packages which has featured a prolific array of names. This time it is Tuff City Kids on duty, aka the infamous duo of Lauer and Gerd Janson. Listen below: