Premiere: Split Secs – Rhummy (Tom Noble Remix)


The room was piping hot. Steam rose from the pouring water which ran coarsely against the metal window frame. On the other side of the glass the world outside was icy cold. This fictional reality had become far too adventurous for the team's liking. They had not planned to die on planet rhummy but soon they might. They held one anothers hands as they looked out into the frozen wilderness which lay beyond. This was it, the great and magnificent end. Enter the planet. 

Split Secs have long been favourites over at Ransom Note towers. However, their latest release has instilled even greater confidence in us as a unit. The new EP features remixes from Compassion Crew, and Musik Nonstop. That might have been good enough, however Tom Noble also steps up to the challenge. He remixes "Rhummy". Listen below: 

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