Premiere: Spinvis & Vinkenoog – Mamamiamarihuana (Sapphire Slows Edit)


The noise in the jungle was radiant and full of life. It echoed through the ages and cast a spell outwards into the city which sat nestled on the outskirts of the deep green forest. Amidst the trees there was a deep flurry of beautiful life and magical creatures. Water ran gently through long running streams and wild animals gathered at the edge of the river bank to drink. Watching from a whizzing helicopter up high above it would seem like they were from another world. The insect swarmed around the tall trees with a hestitant gaze. 

Spinvis & Vinkenoog are remixed by Sapphire Slows on a new remix EP being released by yeyeh • ninih in the coming weeks. A vinyl only release with a profoundly original edge. Listen below: 

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