Premiere: Son Dos – Children Of Almost


It was becoming more apparent. Pub tales and hoary drunken anecdotes, trending tweets and Facebook shares, now the red-tops were also cashing in on the voyeurism. It had seemed nothing more than a ghost story, something to keep spirits up and nerves taut around some blazing hardwood and tinder. From Brecon to Bavaria, and continental cases in Auckland and Alaska, chinese-whispered chatter all described the same. The children in these disparate, secluded communities had powers, they were abnormal, tainted with a destructive dissonance which they fielded advantageously. Opposing this folklore were a growing community of scientists. Based in Sweden, they envisioned harnessing this sonic energy, planned an influx of these wunderkind youth and magnifying the effect for the greater good, restoring harmony and humanity. 

Son Dos – Children of Almost is part of Outcast Oddity 002 and can be bought HERE and HERE. This track is only available on the digital release.