Premiere: Silvestre – Floresta


A small clearing sat amidst the forest at the base of the mountain and the sunlight pierced through a gap in the trees. The heat bounced off the side of the cliff face from above and the rocks glinted under the rays. A small fire burnt in the clearing as they prepared themselves to begin the long climb to the peak of the mountain. The forest of Floresta had simply been a resting place, a precursor for the journey which lay before their feet. Hopefully, some day soon, they would be looking back down on it from above with fond memories. 

Here is a track from the forthcoming Silvestre EP which is set for release on Diskotopia at the end of April. The Portugese born Londoner recently founded his own imprint alongside his friend Renato titled Padre Himalaya. Listen to 'Floresta' below:

Buy the release HERE.