Premiere: Sentiments Feat. Franck Gérard – Freecell 52


The floatation device was beginning to fail as the waves came crashing in. Deep beneath the ocean lay a villainous predator which was capable of striking at any time. They were in perilous trouble. Mission Freecell 52 had gone horribly wrong and they were all that was left. Submarine's weren't supposed to fail, the sonar system had crashed leaving them unmarked amidst the dense black water. Light was fading, now as they clung tightly onto the raft they began to close their eyes. 

Light On Earth is a newly formed record label to emerge from Lyon, run by Sentiments he delivers its debut release. This one is already rallying support and is looking like it might sell quickly. Listen to "Freecell 52" below: 

Buy the release from the 24th of March HERE

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