Premiere: Scott Franka & Kaap – Stacy’s Pink Cadillac


She drove down the street swerving wildly on the old concrete roads as her hair blew fanatically in the rushing wind. The convertible careered at one hundred miles per hour down the freeway as she turned up the music on the speaker system she'd spent all month installing. Stacy's pink Cadillac was a thing of beauty, in your face and bold it roared loudly as the bass bumped loudly in the boot of that old car. She was heading to the seaside, far away from this dirty old town… 

De Lichting is a newly launched collaborative project made up of contributors from three independent Amsterdam based record labels – Yield Records, Native Response and Working Titles.. The first release is a compilation of tracks which span the breadth of electronic music in the present day. Listen below: 

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