Premiere: S. Channel – Dimension X


There was a vast empty void within which wild and mad things whirled in circles. It was known by distant space travellers as Dimension X and what lurked beyond the realm was unknown but for those who'd ventured into the abyss. It was a dense black hole, full or murky moving clouds and shrouds of mystery, scientists had dreamt of being able to define the principles behind the entity but had come up short one too many times. Now as it hung, like a glistening orb on the edge of the galaxy, there was little way of knowing what lay amidst the great beyond. 

S. Channel is set for a return to Third Try Records – a label which intrigues and inspires with abstract electronics and weird soundscapes. The new release is no different and features chopped and screwed vocals alongside rugged electro and abstract experimental beats.

Listen below: