Premiere: Ryan Brokenshire & Mike Dreg – Montanita – Galapagos Records


Though none of us here at R$N Towers have ever dared venture as far away from London as the Galapagos Islands (alright, none of us have ever even been any further away than Margate, are you happy now?) we can only imagine that the sandy shores are filled with turtles who groove along seamlessly to sounds as splendid as these from dawn until dusk.

Unless, for some strange reason, turtles over there are nocturnal. Actually, maybe it's tortoises that are dancing along – they're the ones that live on the land, right? Either way we can be sure that there are at least a few dozen amniotes (thank you Wikipedia…) who are feeling the sound of this ace duo running through their shells as the sounds travel across on a breeze from Detroit, leaving a path of pure pleasure in their wake. Just check out this gorgeous piano playing and all-around musical genius.

One of the most beautifully warm, aural blankets we've heard for a while. We love a right bit of this, you will too;

Montanita is out digitally on Friday 4th September and on vinyl soon via Galapagos Records.