Premiere: Pugilist – Siphon (Coco Bryce Remix)


She’d found herself at a crossroads, unable to choose which path to take. There were pros and cons with each, distinct losses and gains too, and her decisive nature was even more of a disadvantage in this situation. She needed to seek advice from others, a trusty co-captain to help steer her direction. Once she made her decision there was no going back.

DEXT Recordings continue their stellar run of releases with a new instalment from Pugilist, who previously contributed a track to the label’s EleVAte’ compilation series. Following releases for the likes of Whities, 3024 and Trule, he now returns for his first full EP on the imprint, a four-tracker titled Siphon. In signature style he flaunts his own fresh take on jungle and garage, inviting Lobster Theremin label mate Coco Bryce to put his own spin on the original adding surreal microprocessing and warping the original speech samples.