Premiere: Planetary – Out of Sight and Mind


The metal floor was hard and shallow beneath the thud of wandering feet. The spacecraft had left earth a long time ago and was now out of sight and mind. The little planet far below was but a dot in the memory of the eager travellers on board. This was to be a cosmic adventure into the sky, far beyond the realms of previous space travel and intergalactic exploration. The ship rattled slightly as it approached the edge of gravity, the barrier would cast a firm jolt of fresh fever through each member of the crew. 

Planetary is the alias of Dan Curtin, the third outing on Metamorphic Records comes in the form of a reissue. The "Origins" EP is a bit special. We'll let the 1993 press notes do the rest…

“In the time before ideas when human life was not even a consideration evolution began. Water from a turbulent sky flowed off virgin Earth into the pools and rivers of creation Meteors coursing the the heavens were intercepted by the mother in order to bring to her the elements needed for her primordial cauldron. “Origins” by Planetary brings you to this genesis. Your mind swims through the primeval ocean warm with life creation and you witness the beginning. When the music stops your mind and body return to the world of the sentient but you never forget your Origins."

Listen below: