Premiere: Pixelife – Chimeras In The Matrix


The small things. They were always the ones that most people forgot, especially when they were giving someone "down the banks" for forgetting a birthday, an anniversary or those things, that your timeline/ timelife now insists those with scant regard now frivolously seem incapable of tethering. The woman had built her life on the detail, the specks of light and life which had embellished so many others lives. Now, she found herself scrutinised, her single mistake held like an ant on a 70s summer day while she coiled. Both magnified and burnt by those who had bigger recourse.

Fresh on new US label Samo Records is this cut from Pixelife's new EP. Previously with Throne Of Blood, Horn Wax and also currently balancing his synth pop lovecombo Ghost Cop, Sean Dack shows detail between the frames, much like his moniker suggests. Acidic, yet lean from the kick off, the urgency is balanced by some melancholic patterns before the curtains draw further back and the full event takes place.


The EP is coming soon and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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