Premiere: pH 1 – Make Your Reality (Titonton Duvante FLiP)


Was he awake or was this a dream? He began to wonder about the nature of the earth upon which he walked and the flying birds which moved amidst the sky up above his head. A long time ago he had been told that it was only up to him to make your own reality yet now it all seemed a bit of a blur. Walking through the city streets he began to ponder the existential nature of life, the coming and going of existence and the air which offered us our own capacity. Humans were magical, yet terrifying. 

pH 1 is set to release a new EP on Multiplex – a producer and disc jockey closely affiliated with the Regelbau and Help record labels. He delivers an enchanting EP full of wandering melody and deep rooted house excursions. It features a remix from Titonton Duvante. 

Listen below: