Premiere: Peter Rocket – Chuffed


The sun gradually dawns on a vast metropolis, and within minutes the city comes alive. The bustling sound of traffic floods the streets, vendors on market stalls begin to sell and barter — some are pushier than others. In the ocean of people going about their morning, on one of the mains strips, a yellow rickshaw appears, driving against the flow of the crowd. In the back is a teenage boy, wide eyed, caught up in the wonder of the beautiful chaos. He looks down at his grubby palm and starts counting coins. When he finishes, he cracks a smile and puts them back in his pocket.

As the rickshaw pulls up outside a closed down restaurant, the boy shouts ‘thanks!’, runs off without paying, and slips into a derelict side street. He peers around the corner to check on the driver… he’s not chasing him, instead the driver looks hopeless and frustrated, before admitting defeat and driving off. The boy bursts into laughter and continues to walk down the side street and into the main market, he is spoilt for choice on what to spend his newly ‘earnt’ money on.

Brixton’s Dream Diary label continue their new Singles Club series with an instalment from World Unknown and No Speakers alumni Peter Rocket; “a bubbling force of nature who has an imagination that travels at escape velocity from the rigid confines of modern electronic music”. ‘Chuffed’ immediately takes on a life of its own, led by the commanding yet joyous horns, and clever percussive breakdowns that defy convention and time signature. The layers as a whole culminate into pure energy and buzz – sound bites breath disruption and chaos into the track, whilst the horns and driving bass provide the stability to counteract it. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable tightrope walk that sets you free whilst keeping you on your toes.