Premiere: Pete Callard – Elixir (Duncan Gray Remix)


His slight hand was strangely and unnaturally youthful, his skin soft and unblemished as he stretched out his arm and offered up the test tube. His work had taken decades, but his smooth unforrowed brow denied those years of toil. Would his brother risk digesting this foul smelling liquid? He had never trusted his elder's dreams, but the truth seemed writ large and supple in the scientist's face. His doubts burned inside him, he knew there were darker motives too, yet he was as vain as a young man's sigh and he greedily slurped and fantasised of eternal life.

Sub:Sonic have been slyly releasing some quality records from their Limerick HQ over the past couple of years, and now they get Pete Callard into their stout hands. His 'Elixir' track here gets the six-string makeover from Mr. Tici Taci, Duncan Gray. It oozes hot summers and long drives with the windows down, or waking up on a festival site after having the best night of your life with your greatest and dearest friends AND THE SUN IS SHINING, and you still have some refreshments. Epic and majestic, but never pompous, it's really quite a joyous thing.

Pete Callard – Elixir EP is released by Sub:Sonic Records on 22nd August 2016. Follow Sub:Sonic on Facebook for release details.

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