Premiere: People Places & Things – Funf (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)


The glimmering lights were almost blinding against the backdrop of winter darkness which hung thick across the town, there was a low moving fog in the air which blurred the vision and cast a damp tinge upon what might otherwise have been a beautiful night. The funfair was in town and the war whoops and cheers of the circus tent could be heard from far and wide across the great city. Visitors had flocked from all over to attend, tickets were at a premium and the spectacle was quite magnificent. He watched from outside, perplexed by the ludicrous extravagance which was the great tent. A red and white beast in perfect glory and haunted tension…

People Places & Things is set to release a new EP on AFAS Records having previously appeared on R&S Records and Art For Arts Sake. The project is the brainchild of Mike Chetcuti and the label his own. Gabe Gurnsey of Factory Floor has been brought in on remix duties and delivers a whirring rework of 'Funf'. Listen below: