Premiere: Penelope’s Fiance – Run & Gun


The street was crowded and busy as the yellow cabs rode furiously past, the sound of horns echoed fiercely in the air as she jogged between the moving cars. "Run and gun" is what they'd said. The only two things she would need in this big bad city. So here she was, jogging with her face down amidst the smog and the dirt, a frail hood covering her hair and the hard thud of her feet upon the concrete. Who knew how many people had ran the same route, the line was probably long. Who gave a damn?

Penelope's Fiance appears on a new EP, the first by the recently founded record label titled Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95. Abstract and obscure electronics with an experimantal edge make up "Pubblicazione 001". Listen to a track below: 

Buy the limited edition release HERE

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