Premiere: Paz Shina – Hybrid Yellow


There was a thick fog which hung beside the tree in the middle of the desert, they watched it from afar. It was not safe to roam outside here, amidst the wilderness ,for there were wild creatures and beasts which might eat you alive given the chance. The sand was a dense hybrid yellow, some might call it gold but for him that was not the case. The car whizzed across the outback headed for a town miles away in the distance, the engine coughed and spluttered beneath the heat of the day. They were all under strain… 

City Bowl Wax Network is a label based in Cape Town, South Africa. The label hit us up with two EP's of exquisite quality and precision that we were wholeheartedly blown away by. Not something that we get to say terribly often. This one comes with a gold stamp, or should we say a hybrid yellow stamp of approval. 

Listen below: