Premiere: Ornette Hawkins – Bitch Is Blue (Tim Reaper Remix)


The sky was radiant and glowing with pale colours as the sun began to set at the end of what had been a long hard day for them all. As they walked beneath the glow of the sun the shadows began to fall around them, a sense of sadness began to brew within. Why was it that this bitch was blue? Why did she feel such sorrow in the midst of such warmth from the skies above. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell her something, something beyond what she already knew or wanted. 

Ornette Hawkins is set to release a new EP on Beat Machine Records, a percussive break inspired affair which wanders between differing strands of jungle and drum & bass. The EP is wrapped up with a remix from Avant Garde junglist producer Tim Reaper who is making all kinds of moves at the moment. A special EP wrapped up with a bow on top. 

Listen below: