Premiere: Oberton – Оторопь


Ransom Note Records affiliate Natasha Bai kickstarts her own label Droog Records with a three-track EP that matches spoken word hip hop and electronic beats.

They lived in darkness most of the time, it was all they’d ever known. Here, the sun only shone for a few hours a day before night took hold and they were bathed in the dark once again. It drained the energy from the village, flattening the mood and dampening people’s spirit. On the other hand, the light brought with it hope, hope that someday they’d find something beyond this existence – and they’d cling on to that feeling for as long as they had to.


Ransom Note Records alumni Natasha Bai is starting her own label, Друг (Droog) Records. For the first release, the DJ and producer welcomes Oberton, the musical pairing of Eldar Mukhomedzyanov and Alexei Vainer whose output matches infectious electronic beats with spoken word. С​в​е​т​о​т​е​н​ь, is made up of three tracks that introduce us to their signature style. On our pick, closing track ‘Оторопь’, the duo ruminate on the “anticipation of fear, a feeling of incoming conjectures and experiences”, and tells the tale of the disappointment that comes from a one-sided love story, but in the face of rejection always continuing to have hope.