Premiere: Moonoton – Max Bleep (Maruwa Remix)


Legs dangling off the hill, they sat in silence taking in their surroundings. From up here you could see the entire city below; the glow of hundreds of cars moving through the streets and the huge skyscrapers that seemed to stretch far beyond the heavens. She’d never taken another person up here, it was her special place where she came to escape everything. But he seemed different to everyone else; she wanted to let him on her secret.

Moscow’s ИДА (IDA) return for another instalment of breakbeats and wonky dance floor cuts, this time from Russian producer Moonoton. Alongside two original cuts that bring a blend of breaks, voodoo vocal samples and Italo synths, the release is backed up by two remixes from Facets and St Petersburg-based producer Maruwa, who adds her signature touch, balancing heavy breaks with dreamy, celestial atmospheres.