Premiere: Mculo – In Retrospect


When looking back he now realised that there was very little which he could have done to prevent what happened. In retrospect, the scene of the crash had been far too chaotic and messy to be able to salvage any of the stock. The van had laid tipped over by the side of the road and the produce was spilt far beneath on the banks of the highway. In hindsight he should have run away, The cops were always bound to catch him. Boy, had they punished him when they busted his ass. They didn't take too kindly to having product spilt on the roads of their great country. 

Mculo steps up with a new release for the Roots By The Oder label which marks its third release with an EP simply titled "Lago Santo". This one features three warm house cuts with a tech influence. Listen to 'In Retrospect' below: 

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