Premiere: Lydmor & Bon Homme – Dream Of Fire (Johannes Brecht Remix)


While some of us may dream of those we are attracted to, the foods we long to eat or about whatever may be happening in our daily lives, some people must inevitably dream of fire. We're not suggesting that these people are arsonists, strictly for legal reasons, but it does seem like it would be strange to be confronted by flames every time you closed your eyes. Surely this would lead to some kind of mental unrest and you definitely couldn't be blamed if you tried to then set fire to your sister's hamster, right?

Moving swiftly on, Lydmor & Bon Homme's 'Dream Of Fire' has been taken on by Snack and Neville Attree as part of a remix EP release. While these two version are indeed ace, we're infatuated with the Johannes Brecht remix that kicks off the EP are we're delighted to share it with you right here. Prepare yourself for the flames;

Dream Of Fire Remixes is out on 23rd October via Hafendisko.